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"Remant is proud to be the first in the logistics sector to offer a complete and in-depth integration with Nxtport's ' Import Consignment Data API ' to its customers. Remant strongly believes that all parties will benefit from data sharing. Thanks NxtPort for their open and constructive cooperation."

"With the new version of TRIS, Intris customers are now seamlessly integrated with three import APIs from NxtPort: Import Consignment, Next Mode of Transport and Green Lights. Intensive cooperation between the technical teams of Intris and NxtPort has led to the data from import shipments being reused, improving speed during the import process."


Our Mission

NxtPort's main goal is to unlock the potential of sharing existing data amongst the port's players. The NxtPort Data Utility Platform allows faster, more cost-effective, as well as more efficient transfers of data between the different players. The platform creates more transparency in the whole shipping process. NxtPort aims to increase operational efficiency, safety and revenue.

A second means to unlock the huge value at stake is to allow market applications to be built upon the existing data. This way, the data within the port is not only shared in a better way, the combination of existing data will lead to innovative  solutions as well. They create new business and fresh revenue streams for the Port Community and its individual players.

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