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Timely, accurate and complete datasets across all stakeholders make the SC transparent, a key enabler towards improved operational efficiency, resilience, safety and sustainability. We connect all data providers via a state-of-the-art data sharing platform where data governance provides trust. As an enabler for open data from port community systems we extend our view across the globe in support of the global supply chain


NxtPort's main goal is to unlock the potential of sharing existing data amongst the port's players. The NxtPort Data Utility Platform allows faster, more cost-effective, as well as more efficient transfers of data between the different players. The platform creates more transparency in the whole shipping process. NxtPort aims to increase operational efficiency, safety and revenue.

A second means to unlock the huge value at stake is to allow market applications to be built upon the existing data. This way, the data within the port is not only shared in a better way, the combination of existing data will lead to innovative  solutions as well. They create new business and fresh revenue streams for the Port Community and its individual players.

The NxtPort team


NxtPort Golden Principles


The data provider remains the data owner at all times.


The data provider decides in which context his data can be used.


We develop and manage the data platform. We do not develop applications. Developing applications is done by "the market", so as to stimulate innovation and efficiency.


The NxtPort platform has a low barrier to entry: the financial risk (or "value at stake") rests on the shoulders of the industry.


The data users share the financial benefits.


Everybody is welcome, nobody is excluded.


Co-Envisions, Co-Builds & Co-Markets

We aim to give everyone the chance to collaborate with NxtPort and each other. We want ideas that brew inside the minds of people in the industry to be captured and to be transformed into real products with real impact in their working environment. Therefore, we are collaborating during every step along the way, from outlining ideas (Co-Envision) and making them work (Co-Build) to putting them into production (Co-Market).



Outlining potential improvements with different stakeholders

In Co-Envisions, people from different professional backgrounds come together and discuss a topic they are faced with on a daily basis and how they envision the future. These people are brought together in a way that a holistic solution is most likely to result from these sessions. This is a crucial first phase in the process of providing market solutions. The result of this session will be revisited by the NxtPort staff and the people involved, to make sure the envisioned solutions continue on to the next phase.


Transforming the ideas into working solutions 

Once market solutions are defined in a clear way, they are transformed from ideas on paper to working solutions in the form of a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). Again, for this phase in a products life-cycle, different parties are brought together in Co-Builds. The parties involved will then build a PoC in a pre-defined timespan. This will happen in close collaboration with those who provided the initial idea. 



Evolving from Proof-of-Concept to final product

Once the Proof-of-Concepts are ready and have generated enough insights, the solution can go into production phase. In Co-Markets, different parties will create a product that has market potential and that will prove to be beneficial for the industry, both financially and operationally. So in Co-Markets, the focus lies on defining the technicalities of how the product is going to be positioned in the market.

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