[NxtPort Co-Build] Next Mode of Transport

 Co-Build: Next Mode of Transport 

In short

A Solution Design of the Next Mode of Transport [NMoT] Use Case for import containers/vehicles prior to starting the discharge of the deepsea/shortsea.

This Co-build session is following the Co-Envision session from November 27th, 2017. 


The goal of this session is to make all relevant parties to understand, discuss and agree on the feasibility of the proposed Solution Design in terms of:

  • data elements concerning NMoT that can be provided/consumed;
  • message format and technical protocols;
  • data sharing rules that can be set up;
  • possible time constraints on data provision prior to vessel arrival.

We want to get a view on possible road blocks as well as the time frame within which this Use Case could be launched to market.

Target audience

  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Multi-modal Maritime Terminal Operators
  • Importers/consignees using Multi-modal terminal
  • Forwarders using Multi-modal terminal
  • Ships agents (in case of carrier haulage)