[NxtPort Co-Envision] Next Mode of Transport

November 27th - 12:00-14:00 - CEPA building

In this interactive Co-Envision session we investigate how information on the next mode of transport of import consignments can be made available on NxtPort, prior to their discharge from the deepsea / shortsea vessel.

The goal of the session is to understand, from Importers, Consignees and Forwarders:
- which data elements relating to "Next Mode Of Transport" they would be able to disclose through NxtPort,
- under which data sharing rules they would disclose that data, and
- how much time prior to the arrival of the vessel, they would be able to provide that data

The target audience for this (non-technical) session is:
- Multi-modal Maritime Terminal Operators
- Importers and Consignees using Multi-modal terminal
- Forwarders using Multi-model terminal
- Shipping agents (in case of carrier haulage)

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