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Goods that are imported generate a lot of data: data about the time of discharge, about the customs release process and declarations, about the transport process,... The Green Lights API bundles all of this data into one API.
There is a tremendous amount of data attached to the import of goods: arrival notifications, release messages from customs, transport instructions, the list goes on and on. Nowadays, there is no real overview of all data that is related to a specific container, consignment, B/L,... With this API,the idea is that every party will be able to configure the way they would like to receive the status of their goods. The platform will then translate all senders' notifications in a way that they are ready to be collected in the right, personalised format. This way of working, which only requires 1 connection and 1 format mapping per player, is an enormous improvement in terms of efficiency compared to the current situation, where every bilateral connection needs to be set up and configured.

Some examples of benefits are:

If you are a terminal: allowing a container that is not cleared by customs to be picked up will result in a fine (according to the UNAMAR ruling). This can cause extra difficulties in your processes if you don't know the customs status of containers. This API has got you covered.

If you are a freight forwarder: you can find out which of your goods have been temporarily declared by the ship's agent and you can see the customs status.

If you are a ship's agent: at the moment, an agent is left in the dark about which of his temporarily declared goods have been declared to customs and fines. Just like the terminal, the agent is fined in case that goods were not (properly) declared by the freight forwarder. Unfortunately, nowadays, this is a common situation, since the terminal has no information as to which goods are not allowed to be released. So this API can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary fines.