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Next Mode of Transport API

By announcing the NMoT of your import container, your turnaround time at the terminal will decrease

One central API gives access to all connected terminals

Exchanging operational data and planning will improve the overall process, which benefits every player in the chain

By announcing the Next Mode of Transport (NMoT) to the terminal, stacking of containers on the yard can be optimised for hinterland pick-up. This can significantly shorten the turnaround time for trucks, barges and trains at the terminal, as the containers are readily available (no more 'digging out') at the corresponding location (trucking gate, water side, rail side).


The API allows any player in the container haulage process to send in the NMoT data elements which he has, on the moment that they come available or change.

These data elements are the container number (and when available the BL number), the vessel (stay) information, the NMoT (barge, truck or rail), the hinterland operator and destination, and timing info of the pickup. More technical information is available in the documentation tab, more commercial info and use cases are available on the NxtPort website.


The sandbox is an environment identical to the live environment, but with dummy data. The aim is to provide a safe and free environment to develop and test applications, before using them on live data. It must be possible to move from sandbox to live without any changes, so the sandbox will apply the same security and data sharing principles as those applied to live data. This means that you, as a developer, need to:

  • subscribe to the sandbox API, which will give you access to the sandbox data. Just as your application user would subscribe to the live API, in order to access the live API's data.
  • register your application in the NxtPort platform, so that your application can access the sandbox API. This allows you to test the full OAuth2 authentication flow. This  registration will also work for the live environment; it just needs to be activated for live data when your application is ready.

More information about Sandbox vs Live is available on our website.

Application user / Data provider

This API is an access-controlled API.This means that the application user, i.e. the data consumer, needs to be identified in order to send in the data.

To be able to use an access-controlled API:

  • The user and the organisation he belongs to need to register on the NxtPort platform.
  • The user's organisation needs to be subscribed to the API. Data delivery is free on the NxtPort platform, so this will be a free API to use. The subscription mechanism exists to make sure that all necessary configurations are set up before live usage.

When the set-up is complete, the application user logs in to the application with his NxtPort account. The application calls the NxtPort API on behalf of that account.

More information about access-controlled API's is available on our website.

Application developer

This API is an access-controlled API.This means that your application needs to accommodate an OAuth2 authentication flow between the application user and the NxtPort platform.

The application user logs in to the NxtPort identity component, and your application requests access to the API on behalf of the application user. The NxtPort platform then returns an access token to your application, which can be used to call the API.

To be able to request an access token, your application needs to be registered in the NxtPort platform. Registering an application is currently a manual process, so please contact NxtPort for this. More information is available on the OAuth2 for ISV's page.

Data receiver

As a terminal you can participate to this use case to receive NMoT info from the entire NxtPort community. To setup the necessary connections, contact NxtPort.



Connect your data or application to this API



Live plan for the (free) delivery of NMoT data

€ 0,00 per B/L

Use this price plan to use the API in the live environment after you have used our sandbox environment to develop your own application.
Data delivery is and will remain free on the NxtPort platform.

Limited to 10 calls/minute


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