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Precise and real-time information on the movement of vessels within the main Benelux ports

PortCall+ API

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NxtPort is teaming up with Port+ to offer precise and real-time information on the movement of vessels within the main Benelux ports. Introducing: the PortCall+ API !

Having a real time overview of a vessel’s voyages in the port is particularly useful for the planning of port operations. That is exactly what the PortCall+ API does. Developed by Port+ and available through the NxtPort marketplace, the PortCall+ API combines data from a number of sources into one complete dataset, to provide the status of all seagoing vessels that are expected or that are currently in the port of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, North Sea Port, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Next to automated data processing from different systems, Port+ also enhances and corrects data hourly to provide extra information.

The PortCall+ API contains all available information about a vessel and its voyages within the port, such as:

  • Port calls: previous port, next port, destination and origin port;
  • Voyages (IN, SHIFT, OUT) with the responsible agent: entry, exit and berth locations plus the estimated and actual times;
  • Predefined passages, such as Vlissingen, that can be used to implement custom expected / in-port logic;
  • Anchor status;
  • Stay information, such as stay number;
  • Information about the vessel, such as IMO, callsign, tonnage, ...

The free test version of the PortCall+ API is available in the NxtPort marketplace here. The live version will soon become available in a number of paying price plans.

For more information on pricing or to get an early bird subscription to the live API, feel free to contact Portplus via marketing@portplus.be.