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1 API to arrange all your transport appointments at terminals and warehouses connected to NxtPort

Pre-announcement API

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Terminal pre-announcements is a single API through which you can make a pre-announcement with any of the connected terminals. NxtPort translates the request to the specific terminal appointment systems, allowing transport operators to use a uniform interface and process for creating and managing appointments at terminals, warehouse, etc.

The API allows transport operators to send container pre-announcements to any connected terminals or warehouses connected to NxtPort.


  • an overview can be retrieved of created objects at the different locations,
  • references can be checked,
  • available time slots can be looked up,
  • etc.

The full process of pre-announcing at a terminal is covered in the set of methods. NxtPort routes the calls to the correct terminals based on the location indicated in the call, and does the necessary translations from the general API format to the specific terminal EDI interfaces.