Digitization Stream

Container Barge Haulage

Container Barge Haulage – Digitization Stream

Welcome to the NxtPort solution for the digitisation problems of the barge community in Antwerp.

On this page you find:

  • A participation form
  • The  document with the agreed scope and solution design of the use cases
  • The technical documentation allowing you to start the technical integration is coming soon.
    These are swagger files containing the definition of the NMoT API enabling you to send NMoT information to the terminals, and the definition of the transport status message format in which the Green Lights information will be communicated.

The NMoT API needs to be integrated with the application (ERP system, planning app, ...) sending in the Next Mode of Transport, the Green Lights information is returned via a pre-defined notification channel, set up between your application and NxtPort.

For more information and/or to start using the NMoT and Green Lights, we invite you to register your company by filling in the below registration form, we will contact you with the relevant details.

Barge Container Project

Enter your information in the form on this page to register yourself for the Container Barge Project.