Early Adopter: CertiWeight


Meet CertiWeight, one of NxtPort's Early Adopters

Since July 2016, it’s a legal obligation that every container has a Verified Gross Mass (VGM).  CertiWeight has two terminals where we weigh containers, one on the Left bank and one on the Right bank of the Port of Antwerp. They provide the Verified Gross Mass on their cloud platform, where the users – mainly carriers and forwarders – can buy and download the VGM-certificate. Now they collaborate with NxtPort on the VGM API to make this data available digitally. Frank Van Reybroeck, Managing Director at CertiWeight, explains why they made this decision.
"By opening our data for the NxtPort platform, other players in the supply chain can also make use of the VGM. The Verified Gross Mass can be of great value for the stevedores that stack the containers. In order to keep perfect balance, the heaviest containers are stacked at the bottom of the ship and the lightest ones on top. The stevedores need to stow them exactly the other way around, so the VGM’s make their work a lot easier and a lot more efficient."

"The second example I think of is a company in another port that needs to ship containers through the port of Antwerp. When the company knows the Verified Gross Mass, it also knows which means of transportation need to be ready to move the containers further inland once they arrive."

"Our certificate is complementary with the E-CRM that Pionira provides, which makes that in the future we might not only provide data for the NxtPort platform, but also use data. The more data we receive digitally in advance, the faster and the more flawless the weighing of the containers can happen."