Early Adopter: Nallian


Meet Nallian, one of NxtPort's Technology Partners

Nallian is deeply involved with NxtPort on multiple fronts. Nallian provides the core Data Sharing Engine for NxtPort, which is the Shared Data OS that deals with the complexities of managing real-time exchanging, gathering, enriching, and distributing data within a multi-stakeholder environment. 
One of the principles enforced by the Engine is that each data provider has 100% control of who can see and use which parts of his data for what purpose, even at field level. This is one of the key principles that help build trust, paramount to making a Data Sharing initiative work in a community, and these principles are built into Nallian’s Data Sharing Engine from the initial design. As the platform was built with transport & logistic use cases in mind, it is no surprise that there is a perfect match with NxtPort. 


Nallian helps NxtPort to integrate the total platform, and to configure it for NxtPort specific use cases. Currently, Nallian is contributing to the import and export use cases and is delivering the VGM and Import Consignment APIs. Soon, the Track & Trace API will be added.


“Nallian is extremely pleased with NxtPort’s initiative,” says Jean Verheyen, Nallian CEO. “Just like NxtPort, we are fully convinced that the next wave of business improvement comes from collaborative systems coordinating processes across enterprise borders, but we don’t often see such a broad scale initiative, that well prepared. In the end, Nallian’s vision is to see the world operate as one, and we’re helping to make that happen, community by community”.