Early Adopter: Pionira


Meet Pionira, one of NxtPort's Early Adopters

One of the Early Adopters of NxtPort is Pionira. This collaboration has materialized very quickly, in the form of an API that allows users to input VGM's (Verified Gross Masses) in their e-CRM systems. Stefan Gevaert explains in more detail what this collaboration means for Pionira.
"We have started in 2014 with a cloud platform to improve productivity in logistics. Through our E-CRM platform, we connect different players in the logistics chain in real-time and keep them posted on any status updates of their cargo. Our e-CRM solution replaces the paper CMR, and enables parties to sign the e-CMR document, by means of a digital signature. The digital signature guarantees the integrity of the document, so its data can’t be altered or tampered with. As such the document serves as a proof-of-delivery for the goods that were delivered."
"Together with NxtPort, Pionira has developed a pilot project to read out Verified Gross Mass from the data platform, and add it to the e-CMR. So now we can not only offer waterproof information on the state of the goods, but also on the exact weight. An extra proof-of-delivery."
"In a second phase we want to provide data for NxtPort as well. The data we will share on the data platform can serve as a pre-announcement for the people at the weighbridge. The data on the e-CMR can be used to provide the license plate number of the truck, the container number, the seal number, CMR number, … This will allow for a more user friendly experience when drivers arrive at the weighing bridge. No longer do they have to enter the above information at the weighbridge, only a unique piece of information, like license plate number or CMR number, will suffice to register for the weighbridge. Much more time efficient and the risk on making mistakes by manual input diminishes drastically."