Early Adopter: Portmade

NxtPort is happy to announce an Early Adopter partnership with Portmade, the group of service providers in Logistics. Jef Hermans explains why Portmade has chosen to onboard with NxtPort.
"The enterprises within the Portmade-group are service providers in Logistics. We are experts in Customs declarations and all related documents, but we also provide other services related to customs such as veterinary and phyto sanitary checks, and digital transport solutions."

"Today, we mainly gather data through Internet of Things solutions, which is a complex process. NxtPort allows us to pool the data we need from one source, which is much more efficient and less time consuming. Portmade will not only use the data, but will also provide data for the NxtPort platform."

"NxtPort will hopefully speed up digitalisation in logistics. Other sectors are ahead of us, we therefor need an acceleration. As the different players in the supply chain often act with a conservative reflex, we still notice a big reluctance towards digital solutions. NxtPort can help tackle the different preconceptions around the exchange of data, and facilitate the necessary mental shift in logistics."