Containment of shipments without Customs documents.

Restraint unlawful export shipments

The outgoing process has gained in importance with the Union's Customs Code (UCC). Safety & security are also rightly at the forefront in this respect. Everyone will agree that customs should have the opportunity to screen and check all goods to be shipped.

According to the UCC, in order to make this possible, a customs declaration must be submitted in good time before departure for each shipment.

However, together with the Belgian customs, we have noticed that in recent years, less and less account has been taken of this. The result of this is that goods are evading customs supervision.

Customs will be more vigilant in this regard so that it is in everyone's interest to stop the evasion of outgoing goods from customs supervision.

Such a violation can also have unpleasant consequences for you as a user of the port of Antwerp: customs fines of 5000 or 7500 euros per violation, revocation of your AEO permit and even criminal prosecution.

You are the only one who can ensure the timely and correct submission of a pre-departure declaration for your goods to be shipped.

We can only respond by refusing to ship your goods for which no pre-departure declaration has been submitted, as required by UCC.

The aim is not to slow down or obstruct the logistics chain. In order to give everyone the opportunity to adapt internal processes and make the necessary agreements, we will enforce this measure with effect from 1 January 2020.

In order to enable us to carry out a thorough check for the presence of a pre-departure declaration and avoid unnecessary refusal of goods/containers for shipment, you are obliged to submit your declaration before departure to the e-Desk as from 15 October 2019. This should be prior to the delivery of the goods/containers to the terminal. This is the only way to ensure that the data from the pre-departure declaration is in the right place so that your goods are not unnecessarily refused for shipment.

Further explanation of the practical application of the new approach to the different shipment modes will follow as soon as possible.