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Green Lights

The Green Lights API allows to check the release steps at the terminal for your import containers. It combines the releases by different parties: customs release, commercial release and actual discharge onto the yard.

Containers that arrive at a port are stored on the premise of the terminals. In order to be released and picked up by a transport company, a container needs to be granted 3 so-called 'green lights':

  • Customs release, given by customs
  • Commercial release, given by the shipping agent
  • Container availability on the yard, given by the terminal

In addition, terminals can also provide a "blocking" state due to damages or issues with the container, preventing a pick-up for transport.

To improve the efficiency of the data flows around this process, NxtPort provides a service that allows its users to consult the status of a specific container. We provide an easy way to get an answer to the question of which of your cargo or goods have been released or which releases are still pending. Of course, knowing the status of every container is interesting for different parties:

  • Transport operators can pick-up the container closer to the actual release moment
  • Forwarders or Beneficial Cargo Owners have a improved operational insight
  • By centralising the data streams of all terminals, all parties can access the data for their containers through a single window 




Within the Antwerp Port Community, Barge Operators, Terminals and Forwarders have agreed upon a better data sharing, coordinated by NxtPort and the Port of Antwerp. Interested companies can participate and find technical information on the Barge Container Project page.

Container Barge Project

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