Business Case

Secure container release

Together with T-Mining, NxtPort is improving security throughout the process of releasing a container by using blockchain technology. In the first phase of this project, a PIN code will be generated on an app. In the next phases, this project will evolve into a state where there no longer is a need for a PIN code.
NxtPort is teaming up with T-Mining to offer a smart contracts back-end application to secure the process of releasing containers to truck drivers in terminals. The technology behind this application is the blockchain-technology.
In the first phase of this project, the trucker receives a PIN code through an app on his smartphone when the container is ready for release. This means that there is no longer a need to share this PIN code via mail, text messaging, and so on.
In the long run, the aim is to eliminate the need for a PIN code. Parties will directly transfer the right to collect containers through the blockchain, so that the terminal can verify which trucker is allowed to receive which containers in the blockchain.

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