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Overcome the no-deal Brexit uncertainties


It is almost impossible to predict the final outcome of the negotiations between the UK & EU. Over 20,000 companies doing business with the UK will need to make customs declarations whereas before shipments were considered as EU shipments. Customs procedures are known to many of you. Nevertheless, the impact on your supply chain remains uncertain. How to prepare for possible consequences? We recommend digitizing your information flow via NxtPort to limit the effect as from now. NxtPort has several applications based ready to be used. To avoid a rush we recommend you to contact us now!

Export (from the EU to the UK)

To export goods out of the EU the Export Control System is applied.


1. eDesk

The exporter has to make an export/transit declaration to receive an MRN number from Customs. This MRN number has to be pre-registered in the eDesk system to the terminal.

2. Arrival @ Exit

The container/vehicle is linked to the MRN number. The terminal confirms the arrival of the goods at the export terminal in a report. The Arrival @ Exit service facilitates this process based on already existing eDesk information.

3. Export Manifest

Next the container/vehicle has to be linked to a vessel. The shipping agent has to send to Customs information of the goods loaded on the vessel. NxtPort provides an automated draft manifest based on load confirmations received from the terminal. 

4. Vessel exit

Finally, the exporter will receive an exit confirmation when the vessel, wherein the goods are loaded, leaves the port with a destination outside the EU.


Import (in the EU)

Goods imported from the UK will be considered as arriving from outside the EU. They can either be cleared or be stored in transit (custom bonded warehouse or terminal). 


1. Import Manifest 

The shipping agent has to send the import manifest (CUSCAR) of all imported goods into the EU to Customs. Upon arrival, the goods are stored in transit.

2. Import Consignment

The Importer of the goods or his forwarder makes a customs declaration, based on the CUSCAR data. Via the NxtPort platform, importers or forwarders can digitally re-use the information to automate their declaration process. A digital handshake between the shipping line and data user is facilitated via NxtPort (charges apply).


Brexit in the Port of Antwerp

Port of Antwerp

Brexit in the Port of Zeebrugge