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Keep up to date with what is happening in the communities you belong to! These communities will showcase the business cases and API's the industry is working on, but they will also contain the events that will take place in the (near) future, API's & Apps, and interesting articles on the specific topics that are relevant for this community.


Port of Antwerp

It is no secret that the Port of Antwerp has played a big role in the development of the NxtPort platform. 

NxtPort has its roots in the Port of Antwerp. Started by the private community, NxtPort has evolved into a close co-operation between the different private and public companies and authorities. The initial business cases have been inspired by challenges in a complex port environment with many actors. 



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ECLIC, a partnership with NxtPort, to empower digital collaboration initiatives across all Chemical Logistics Stakeholders

The ECLIC platform is a digital data collaboration platform, powered by NxtPort, that brings together all the Chemical Logistics stakeholders to exchange data in real time.  This allows participants to transform the current manual and paper driven logistics processes into more integrated, standardized, more compliant and customer focused solutions while respecting the ownership of data.

The first Use Case aims to digitise and dematerialise the EFTCO cleaning document (ECD) into a digital eECD process. Future ECLIC Use Cases around the EFTCO cleaning order – the proof previous load - the eCMR – a smarter ETA exchanges and Equipment pre-notifications - are being prepared.


See the e-ECD Business Case


The open data sharing platform that makes the air cargo industry less cloudy!


Visit BRUclouds website


Let's digitalise the Breakbulk activities in the Port of Antwerp!

NxtPort and Port+, invited the Breakbulk community for two co-envisions in June 2018. During these sessions the [renewal of the] commitment to support the Bulkchain project has been given by +30 companies and Customs. By following the Agile project approach, a core team existing of NxtPort and members from these companies will start with the functional analysis of the application

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