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eECD by Eclic & NxtPort

For companies in the chemical industry, tank cleaning is a cornerstone in the logistics process for which safety, quality, operational efficieny and compliancy need to be safeguarded. To achieve this, a paper-only European Cleaning Document has been developed by EFTCO, ECTA and Cefic. Whilst this was a giant leap forward, the current paper-based process does not meet all current challenges and expectations anymore.

The objective of this e-ECD project is to digitize the current ECD paper document handling, whilst sharing it transactionally amongst the members, using future-proof technology to increase the overall operational efficiency, quality and safety of the members and among the members of EFTCO, essenscia-Cefic and ECTA.


Who, which role and/or which types of companies should register to the digital eECD process?

The digital eECD process allows 4 types of company types to work seamlessly together around a digital EFTCO Cleaning Document and process. Each company can fulfill one or more functional process roles in this digitalized eECD process and each role can add information to each cleaning transaction. The company process roles can be defined as

  • Cleaner: Entity that performs the cleaning. 
  • EquipmentOperator: Entity that transfers equipment and assigns equipment to transport orders 
  • Seller: Entity that sell products to Customer and and initiate the transport order 
  • Loader: Entity that loads product at their own premise or a third party terminal location



Product and process quality

Accurate real time product information, fully traceable between all parties

Responsible Care & Safety

Transparency of product data, consistent safety information and no data delays

Operational Excellence

Less manual work, faster site entrance, automatic cleaning code checks and reduced waiting times for truck drivers.`

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