Reusage of Cuscar, Coreor, Coarri en Codeco for the Certified Pick-Up process

Using existing messages


The Certified Pick up process consists of multiple data elements and actions. Most of these will be provided through dedicated API’s. However, to facilitate the integration of Certified Pick up with existing processes, it is possible for Ship Agents and Terminals to send in already existing messages to the Certified Pick up Backbone.

Specific requirements

All data should be sent as UN/EDIFACT D95B or D04A messages through an HTTPS-connection.

Ship agents


To guarantee an optimal data quality in the Certified Pick up process, the container information provided in CUSCAR messages is required. If your company is already sending these messages to the NxtPort platform for use in the “Import Consignment” use case, it is not required to set up a new connection.
Instead, you can accept the Use Case specific Terms & Conditions of the Certified Pick up process to give permission to use these messages in the Certified Pick up use case. 

COREOR (optional)

The start of the release process is the commercial release, provided by the Ship Agent. However, instead of using the commercial release API, a Ship agent can choose to send in a COREOR message to provide the required data elements.


After sending in a COREOR-message, the Ship agent still needs to provide the identity of the “Release to” party. This can be done through the Certified Pick up webinterface or through API.



The discharge of a container at the Terminal, needs to be provided through a COARRI (discharge) message. 
You can choose to send us all your COARRI messages (both loading and discharge), but only the latter will be used in the Certified Pick up process.


The end of the commercial release is the Gate-out message, which will be provided through a CODECO (out) message. Here too it holds that if you send us all your CODECO messages, we will filter out the CODECO out messages to use in Certified Pick up.

General data provider onboarding flow


The following steps can only be taken by companies with the role “Ship Agent” or “Terminal”, as provided by C-point.


The first step in becoming a Certified Pick up data provider, is to register your company.

Test data

To verify that all data elements are present in your messages, we ask you to provide us with test data. These data do not have to be accurate, but is is important that they are representative:

  • Make sure that the provided data elements are in the same format as the ones used in your production environment
  • If you send messages to multiple companies, make sure you provide us with examples of all these messages.
  • The data set has to be large enough

Test flow

After we validated these data (e.g. check if all used codes and abbreviations are known in the system), we will send you the credentials to use one (or multiple) endpoint(s) in our test/UAT environment.
Now you can start to send in messages to the (test version of the) Certified Pick up backbone and start the integration with your own systems.

Ready to go

If all tests are succesful for a certain amount of time (e.g. 2 weeks on 100% capacity), we will send you the credentials to send data to our production/live environment. From this moment on, you can start sending live data!

Register your company