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Unleash the power of Together!

NxtPort is a smart data sharing platform that makes logistics processes more transparent, mapping internal inefficiencies, bottlenecks and opportunities. By bringing all public and private stakeholders together within multiple communities, nobody is left behind. 

Pricing to use the NxtPort platform

  • As of November 1st 2020, a yearly subscription of €2.500 is invoiced for every company that is subscribed to at least 1 API. This amount will be invoiced upon subscription and is payable prior to access of the API on the Live environment. 
  • For specific communities, different pricing may be applicable. Members should use the specific registration forms that are provided by the community managers. 
  • Each use case may require an additional transaction fee depending on the usage. These costs are explained on the separate use case pages and are billed on monthly basis.
  • In some use cases, some data providers may charge additional data fees. These fees are commercially agreed between parties upon the digital handshake and are collected on monthly basis by NxtPort on behalf of the data provider.


When necessary, for example when you actively use a paid product, NxtPort will send an invoice using the address and VAT-number provided in the registration process. All invoices are sent via email. By default the email address of the first registered user is used.

For recurring services you will be charged automatically without advance warning once the previous period has expired.


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* The general yearly NxtPort subscription fees apply when subscribing to this or any other API on the NxtPort platform.

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