Demo Bulkchain


We welcome you to subscribe for an interactive demo of the NxtPort Bulkchain use case. During this demo, the following topics are handled: 

  • Create a new Bulkchain export order from the User Interface (TDO)
  • Update an existing Bulkchain export order from the User Interface (TDO)
  • Confirm arrival of shipments at the Terminal (TDC)
  • Get notifications
  • Integrate with the Bulkchain export API
  • How to register & subscribe to the export use case 

For who?

This session is open for both Business- and IT employees within the Bulkchain area.


You can either select an event where NxtPort can show you the benefits of the application, or apply for a private session. We prefer to bundle these sessions with you and your customers/suppliers.


Fill in the form on this page and we will contact you shortly!

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