[NxtPort Co-Envision] Breakbulk - Work session


NxtPort organises a follow up co-build session that covers the 2nd functional block of the Bulckain project "Terminal Delivery Confirmation". Read more about our co-builds.

Who should join?

Join this session if you are a project manager / business analyst / logistics manager and work primarly in the area of Breakbulk. Even though this session will focus on the export, we also encourage people or companies that are more interested in the import process to join our meeting as the next session will be dedicated to this topic. 


  • Confirmation of the approach for Terminal Delivery Order (TDO)
  • Confirmation of the TDO/general message format
  • Presentation of the Terminal Delivery Confirmation functional block
  • Presentation of the TDC process
  • TDC Discussion 

How to join?

Register for free via eventbrite.

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Bulkchain - Co-Build TDC

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