[NxtPort Co-Envision] Breakbulk - Work session


Based on discussions with several companies, we have decided to start a similar process of co-build sessions for the digitisation of the Import flow. Originally, we had the idea to first launch a proof of concept for the Export flow before starting the analysis for the import flow. By changing this prioritisation, we welcome new participants to the sessions, allowing a quicker and more transparent roll-out of the Bulkchain project.

Who should join?

Join this session if you are a project manager / business analyst / logistics manager and work primarly in the area of Breakbulk.


  • Presentation of NxtPort (if new companies are represented) and the main principles of the Bulkchain project
  • Presentation of the high level blocks of the import flow
  • Deep dive into each of the 5 main blocks 
  • Definition of next steps and functional teams

How to join?

Register for free via eventbrite.

Screen Shot 20180907 at 144658

Bulkchain - Co-Envision Import flow

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