Qronoport launching event

About Qronoport

A port call can be compared to a F1 pitstop. Various stakeholders each must perform their own activity on a vessel, often in a specific sequence. This complexity is most present amongst liquid bulk vessels. For this reason, Port+ is building a shared, collaborative platform that endeavours to make a port call more efficient by combining data from various sources (open data sources, Port+ data, machine learning algorithms and data directly from participating companies).

The goal is to provide every stakeholder with all the relevant information needed to optimise their planning and perform their activities as efficiently as possible, while at the same time increasing the predictability of those activities.

The combination of these data sources gives stakeholders of the process a highly accurate overview of the different activities taking place – both planned and completed – increasing the efficiency of their planning and operations. This results in a decrease in waste in between activities and hence a decrease in turnaround times for vessels through the port.

“Pushing boundaries in port efficiency”


Involved stakeholders:

  • Cargo owners
  • Ship owners & operators
  • Shipping agents
  • Terminals
  • Surveyors
  • Barge operators
  • Bunker providers
  • Ship chandlers


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