CCRM progress statement

09/08/2018 - Progress statement, what and when to expect?

Customs Container Release Message informs the terminal about the Customs status of a container. Using this information terminals will be able to refuse the pick-up of a container when there is no following Customs Destination for the goods is known. The goal is to avoid fines for unlawful removal from terminal. 

Testing since February 2018

We started a workgroup for testing on a monthly base with all stakeholders. These meetings allows us to discuss the interpretation of the CCRM-messages and to give Customs feedback on the missed CCRM-messages. It quickly became clear that not for every incoming container a CCRM-message was received. 

During this summer Customs resolved some technical issues, CCRM 1.12 is now released in production since the 8th of August. For the rest of the month we will monitor and analyze the incoming messages.  Also the new PLDA version 17.14 update that we are expecting in August will have an impact on CCRM.

At the end of August we hopefully have all the expected CCRM-messages so we can continue the testing.



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