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Certified Pick up - Update 2021/05

Certified Pick up - Update

Certified Pick up has been in use at the port of Antwerp since January 2021. The first phase focussed on creating transparancy in the supply chain regarding the actual status of incoming containercargo. Together with the port community we are now taking the next steps in order to create a safe, transparent and efficient release process.


Kick off: CPu phase 2

We are glad to announce that at this moment, we already receive 95% of relevant data of all import containers through the Certified Pick up application.

Now we want to start with the second phase where the pick-up of a container is based on identity and the usage of pincodes will be terminated.

The implementation of this phase will start from July 1st 2021. The roll-out of this phase will be terminal by terminal and we gradually move away from the use of pin codes.

At this point all shipping agents will need to be able to transfer the release right to their first release party. In addition,  all forwarders and transport companies need to be subscribed on CPu by June 1st 2021 so they can start using Certified Pick up.

In order to get started you must make sure that your company is registered in C-Point for Certified Pick up usage. You can find more info on how to do this by clicking here. If your company already has a C-point account, you only have to connect with the CPu
CPu start


Install your Notification channel

Be Informed sign with clouds and sky background

The following information is relevant for all parties who are integrated through API connection on the Certified Pick up platform.  

Certified Pick up uses a so-called “real-time asynchronous notification mechanism”. For every API call you perform on the Certified Pick up platform, you will receive your responses, confirmation messages and error/warnings through your own notification channel. Therefore, it is essential to have this channel set-up, otherwise you will not be able to receive crucial information.

If you haven’t received notifications yet, please check our documentation on how to
set up your Notification channel.

You can find the entire list of all notifications that are sent out, what triggers them and where you receive them on the Notification overview page.  

In the following newsletter we will go into detail on how to interpret the different events.  


Proof-of-Concept: Next Mode of Transport

Data Analysis Concept. Analysis word on Blue Computer Button.

One of the objectives of Certifed Pick up is creating transparency in the supply chain. Today there is already container information available in CPu. This is made visible by the use of green lights.

We recently started a proof of concept, together with a couple of forwarders, where we want to test the concept of "Next Mode of Transport". The next mode of transport indicates with which kind of transportmode a container (or other cargo) will be picked up at the terminal. This is particularly of interest to the terminal because they can optimize their yard.

The goal of this Proof-of-Concept is to test if CPu can be used to share this kind of information in a user-friendly way.

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