Early Adopter: Logiqstar

Logiqstar, the software provider for logistic processes, is one of NxtPort's early adopters. Eric Robbeets explains why this is a logical move for his company.
"Logiqstar offers all-in-one, end-to-end software solutions for the entire logistical process. From quote to payment, and everything in between. We are working with NxtPort on a few proofs-of-concept, and we are very happy to think along on the future of data sharing within the port environments."

"NxtPort opens up the opportunity to build new applications in an easy, very accessible way. 
When we want to build new applications now, we have to deal with all kind of different interfaces. NxtPort allows us to reuse data from all corners of the world, at every given time, to make processes more efficient. We can capture data in an early stage. We can also supply data from our own clients for other players to use in return."

"But we are not there yet. It’s hard to believe in 2017, but a lot of data in logistics is are still only available on paper. NxtPort has the potential to be a game changer. I notice a lot of interest within the port community, and also a growing openness to collaborate. Not just with the developers, but also with the big players like the carriers, who are indispensable providers of data."
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