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Through NxtPort, companies can now re-use CUSCAR information to manage their Customs Declarations. Several shipping agents already provide their data through the powerful NxtPort API. This allows companies who do import declarations to optimize their internal processes, leading to a considerable win in efficiency.

When a ship arrives at a port, a ship's agent needs to provide data to the port of destination. This can be data about the ship itself, data concerning the goods it is transporting, where the ship is coming from, and so on. Since the data is provided via EDI-messages, thanks to NxtPort, companies our now able to re-use this information at a later moment in the supply chain.


Re-usage of CUSCAR data

Shipping Agents send CUSCAR-messages to the Customs authorities. In these messages, all goods that will arrive in the port are identified. Once the goods are discharged from the vessel, they are stored in temporary locations where they can stay up to 90 days. In order to to release the goods out of the temporary storage, they need to receive a Customs Destination (import, transit, …). For this procedure, it is interesting to re-use the original CUSCAR-data.

The NxtPort API helps companies to minimise the manual input that is necessary, allowing a significant reduction in time and an elimination of human errors.


Shipping agents

We are actively onboarding more and more shipping companies. We have up to date lists of data providers of every API with their corresponding data fees. Hereunder are the current data providers for this API and those who already made a commitment to share data. 

                Yang Ming Lines  

                 Boeckmans Belgie

                 Ilomar Agencies NV

                 Hyundai Merchant Marine (Belgium) n.v.


                 Hapag-Lloyd Belgium

                 Maersk/Safmarine/SEAGO Lines België 


Do you consider it useful to provide your data? Or do you want to use data for customs declarations?

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