NxtPort now also navigates international waters!

Launch of NxtPort International

NxtPort now also navigates international waters

NxtPort now also navigates international waters

ANTWERP (BELGIUM) - December 18th, 2020

NxtPort is making a major step in its growth and is expanding internationally.

Around a thousand international users are now using the Belgian data platform. Because of the re-use of logistical data on NxtPort's open platform, users experience increased efficiency in their supply chains and can focus more on their core business activities. The launch of digital communities in the port and industry by NxtPort, has convinced key international clients of value creation through digital cooperation.

NxtPort is an open data platform in which local application developers can develop their logistic solutions. NxtPort also provides access to logistics applications and APIs for specific communities within the connected ports. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a toolset that programmers can use to create new software for the platform. By sharing data transparently and setting up open global communities, international supply chains can be significantly optimized.

The internationalization of NxtPort is supported by Vopak Ventures through the creation of a joint venture. Geert De Wilde and Mark Noordhoek Hegt will together lead NxtPort International. The operational management of NxtPort is now under the temporary supervision of Pascale Pasmans, in anticipation of the new CEO. The phased roll-out of CPU as of January will be guaranteed.

Geert De Wilde, NxtPort International: "The partnership with Vopak Ventures offers NxtPort an unprecedented opportunity to expand its activities in different locations. In doing so, we are actively contributing to the digital interconnection of maritime clusters across the whole world in a spirit of openness and cooperation".

Leo Brand, CIO Vopak: "As the world market leader in tank storage, we see it as our role to bring positive developments in supply chains and in the ports. In doing so, we look beyond the boundaries of our own company, our customers and our industry. This applies to issues ranging from safety to digitisation. We are convinced that that digitisation is a critical success factor for the ports of the future. We also know that its digital platforms can only be truly successful if they are independent in their role. This means the platforms should be open to all logistical players, including those who are each other's competitor.''


Profile NxtPort BV

Nxtport, founded in 2016, is active in the Port of Antwerp ( Its mission is to bring transparency to the supply chain through a neutral data-sharing platform.

Profile Vopak Ventures

Vopak Venture is part of Royal Vopak, the world's leading independent tank storage company ( Vopak Ventures identifies investment opportunities in start-ups and scale-ups in emerging technologies and value chains with a focus on sustainability and digitization. (vopak ventures)

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