Next Mode of Transport 

The missing key to optimise container yard planning!

The Next Mode of Transport (NMoT) Use Case: it is all in the name. What is the next mode of transport? Very simple information that is often unknown by the different organizations in the supply chain. Thanks to NxtPort all relevant parties are able to unlock this missing key data, allowing them to profit from an optimised operational planning.

By announcing the Next Mode of Transport to the terminal, stacking of containers on the yard can be optimised for hinterland pickup. This will significantly shorten the turnaround time for trucks, barges and trains at the terminal, as the containers are readily available (no more 'digging out') at the correct location.

Correct information

Forwarders and hinterland transporters that decide the NMoT, can provide this information through the NxtPort API. NxtPort creates a central point to receive all information and distributes the relevant data to the correct terminal. By standardising the data-flows on both sides, all parties benefit from economics of scale.

Furthermore, parties other than the terminal that are interested in receiving the NMoT can also lookup this information through the API when this information is shared by the sender, or the information can be automatically based on a subscription to that data, whilst taking the sharing rules defined by the data provider into account. 

Specific status of this use case

Currently, NxtPort is running a proof of concept for all modes transport, with a focus on the barge mode. This initiative falls within context of the Port of Antwerp initiated “Afhandeling containerbinnenvaart” Project. Organizations that are willing to join the POC or that are interested in receiving more information can contact us

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