Business Case

Arrival at exit (IE507)

Whenever a container declared for export in the hinterland arrives at the terminal, the terminal operator has to notify Customs authorities of this event. NxtPort has worked out a solution to facilitate this process.

Arrival at Exit, also known as IE507, is a part of the Export Control System of Customs. For Export containers Customs want to know when a container arrives at the terminal for making inspections possible. A@E is followed by the Export Manifest which proofs that the container actually left the European Union.

Currently still 2 methods are possible Charge Report and CODECO. But Customs already confirmed that CODECO soon won’t be excepted anymore, this is a temporary solution that will phase out. Charge Report is the modern version and will be used in the future for all goods commodities.

To send the A@E 2 essential data-elements are needed: container number and MRN (movement reference number). The MRN is not known by the terminal but can be found in e-Desk (eBalie). The combination of these 2 data-elements have to be send to Customs in a message corresponding to the MIG (message implementation guide).

Therefore the NxtPort solution is built to “un-worry” the terminal from this task.

So if a container terminal shares his CODECO/gate in-messages on the NxtPort platform and the container is known in eBalie. NxtPort will map this to a Charge Report and send it to Customs. As an answer on this message Customs will send us the Customs Response message for in case there are errors.
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