Business Case


In order for a container to be released from a terminal, 3 'green lights' are required. One of those green lights is the confirmation of customs that the container can be released. NxtPort will provide a way to consult this status or to have this status pushed to you.
Containers that arrive at a port are stored on the premise of the terminals. In order to be released by customs, a container needs to be granted 3 so-called 'green lights'. To improve the efficiency of the data flows around this process, NxtPort wants to provide a service that allows its users to consult the CCRM status of a specific container. We will provide an easy way to get an answer to the question of which of your cargo or goods have been released. Of course, knowing the CCRM status of every container is interesting for different parties. For example, terminals can avoid UNAMAR fines by only releasing containers that are allowed to be released, and freight forwarders can see the status of their goods at any time.
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