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Re-use cargo information to transmit your customs declarations

Digital re-use of cargo information for customs declarations

A lot of data that is used to ship goods is useful data to re-use in later stages of the supply chain, in this case the declaration of goods to customs. NxtPort provides solutions to facilitate this re-use. These solutions can help your business slim down on administrative time and costs.
When a ship arrives at a port, a ship's agent needs to provide data to the port of destination. This can be data about the ship itself, but also data concerning the goods it is transporting, the sender and receiver of the goods, where the ship is coming from, and so on. Since this data is provided via electronic messages, it is possible to capture this information and make it available to use at a later moment in time. That is exactly the service NxtPort provides: making sure that the data is being shared in an efficient way for every party involved.  This specific business case focuses on re-using data that is needed to declare goods to customs.

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