Business Case

Standardize your pre-announcements, regardless of the terminal

Standardized pre-announcements

Transport companies are asked to do a pre-announcement every time they pick up goods from a terminal. NxtPort wants to standardize the way these pre-announcements take place, regardless of which terminal you are visiting.
Every so often, the world record of biggest ship in the world is broken. In 2017, the biggest ships can transport more than 21.000 TEU. Of course, the vast majority of this cargo needs to be transported inland when it arrives at the port of destination, and the empty space needs to be replaced with new cargo. This means that there need to be thousands of pick-ups and drop-offs of cargo at the terminal. To organize this, transporters are asked to submit a pre-announcement, containing information about which cargo is going to be dropped off and which cargo is going to be picked up by them, and when. 

At the moment, these messages are terminal-specific. This means that transporters have to switch between applications from different terminals when they are planning their transports. NxtPort's ambition is to standardize these pre-announcements for all terminals, re-using the data that is already made available via the transport instructions.
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