Register your company on C-point and subscribe to the Certified Pick up application

C-Point tutorial


  • Companies that want to start with Certified Pick up will need to register and subscribe to the Use Case via the C-point platform. All end users will need to have a validated account on C-point.
  • Companies that are already known on C-point can jump to the second part of this tutorial. 
  • Companies that are already using Secure Container Release can jump to the third part of this tutorial.



As described in the "Getting Started" page of the Welcome package, we offer two environments. Companies that will use only the User Interface should only register their company on the Live environment. Companies that want to integrate with the API's, should also register on the UAT environment, allowing a test set-up. Please contact NxtPort support for this

Step 1 - Choose your preferred language

In the first step, please select your preferred language and enter the letters from the image in the Captcha field and click on Next.

Step 2 - Personal details

Complete all mandatory fields. The e-mail address and phone number used should be someone who can represent the entity as an admin. If you are not that person, please contact your organisation or system administrators to assist you further. 

Step 3 - Company details

Complete all mandatory fields. Be sure to use the actual information of your entity (eg VAT or Eori number) and follow the corresponding formats as used within your country. Avoid using spaces and points if they are not required. This information will be used to transfer Pick up rights within the Use Case. 

Step 4 - Choose application(s)

In the final step, you will need to choose an application. Select the Certified Pick up application and choose your role. It is possible to select multiple roles if this would apply. As a forwarder or consignee, you will need to select Release Party (NL: Rechthebbende partij voor vrijgave; FR: Partie émettrice; DE: Ausstellende Partei)

Click on "Register" to complete the registration. Your registration is now finalised and will be taken into consideration by the application owner.

Confirmation email

Once your registration is approved by the application manager, you will receive an e-mail confirmation message with the request to create a new account and choose a password. If you think something went wrong or you would like to know the status of your approval, you can create a service ticket.

When you click the button in the email, you are sent to a new screen on the C-point environment where you can set your username and password. Please be sure to remember your username as the login will later on be done with your username and not your e-mail address. 

Subscription with an existing C-Point account

If you followed the steps in the previous part, you can go to the "NxtPort console login" topic below. Users that wish to subscribe to the Certified Pick up application with an existing C-point account need to follow the below step first. 

Go to your C-point dashboard and login with an administrator: 

Go to the Manage Applications page, click on the arrow next to "Applications that your company does not have access to" and search for the Certified Pick up application. Click on the arrow next to the "Fill in access request" and select the roles that you wish to obtain. 

Now click on "Request access" button. A confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as your access has been granted. 

NxtPort console Login

Once your access to the Certified Pick up application has been approved, you need to complete the subscription within the NxtPort console. 

In the login screen shown below, be sure to use the red button "C-point" (not "C-Point (2FA)"!). Entering your C-point credentials in the username/password fields will show an error. 

When you click the C-point button, you are redirected to the C-point login screen where you need to enter your C-point credentials on the left side of the screen. 

When you login with your account and you are granted access, you will be redirected to the NxtPort console. In case something goes wrong, please be sure to contact our service desk

Accept the Terms & Conditions

The first time you open the NxtPort console (and every time we update them), you will be prompted with the requirement to sign the NxtPort General Terms & Conditions. 

Please be sure to read these Terms & Conditions. Once you have done so, select the "I accept ..." checkbox and click on "Confirm".

Next you will be prompted to update your billing and contact information. 

After you complete the information, click on the Confirm button. You will now be forwarded to the NxtPort console and have successfully setup your account.

Certified Pick up user interface

If you will be using the user interface, you can now access it. 

You can also access the application via the C-point dashboard, found on the right side of the tiles.

For users of the Secure Container Release application

Companies that already use Secure Container Release (SCR), can link their SCR account to C-Point via the SCR admin area. 

Step 1 - In the SCR admin area, click the C-Point button

The SCR admin can access the admin area via 

Step 2 - login to the C-point application

Please use your C-Point credentials

Step 3 - both applications are linked automatically

Your C-point organization ID is now linked to the account in the SCR app.

Now, your SCR account is linked to your C-point ID. You can update this link, if required. Your C-point organization ID has been linked to the SCR account as shown in the SCR app.

Register your company