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Globflow - iPaaS


GlobFlow is a powerful integration solution that allows you to build data flows between your cloud applications such as ERP systems, CRM’s, databases and logistics partners such as Nxtport. GlobFlow comes with hundreds of connectors. You can build scalable and secure data flows using the Flow editor and run your data integrations and automations at scale.

Create secure integrations between different platforms

GlobFlow allows you to connect API’s of multiple platforms, implement your business logic, add conditions, variables and use other powerful features. Create integrations to e.g. sync data between your ERP platform and Nxtport (or any other platform), and automatically update the status of orders, locations, goods items, etc. GlobFlow saves your time by automatically syncing data, prevents manual data entry errors and streamlines your business processes.

Create tailored integrations with GlobFlow

Use the Flow editor to build data synchronizations and automated flows between your ERP, your logistic platforms and other cloud tools. For example, you can build flows that automate the communication between an ERP platform such as Globis software and a logistics platform such as NxtPort.

Automatically sync data

Save time on manual data entry

Improve efficiency

Build integrations around your operations and streamline business processes

Powerful integrations

Create tailored to your business case integrations

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