Early Accurate Complete Data: One single window for enhanced end-to-end visibility

Logit One - Visibility tool



The Logit One visibility service provides high-quality insight into your global end-to-end shipment – fully automatically. It consults multiple data sources and interprets these data in order to establish a single truth – including a calculation of knock-on effects. It automatically feeds information back into your operational system or customer portal. You can set up individualized alert emails to trigger actions from your control tower.

End-to-end visibility

Once your shipment enters the ocean system, it’s within a black box with disconnected and inconsistent data. How can I make my data collection more efficient? How can I know what’s going in the context of transshipments, port changes and LCL consolidations? Can I integrate overland logistics? How can I make sense of contradictory information? How can I make sure that my status data has sufficient coverage and quality? How can I integrate my internal data such that my customers have a single window experience? This is precisely what our global & scalable visibility solution is doing. Our service will give you following results:

  • Provision of 'Early Accurate Complete Data'
  • Automatically capturing transshipments & port changes
  • Integrating pre- & on-carriage
  • Data driven: No dependency on expensive tracking devices
  • Utilize multiple data sources and artificial intelligence for data quality
  • You can manage exceptions: Be proactive, not reactive

NxtPort API’s

Logit One integrates the Green Lights, Next Mode of Transport, Terminal Events and Vesselstay API’s such that all relevant information is added into a single window for visibility.

Data analysis & management reporting

We are collecting a large amount of commercial & operational data. Within these data there is a huge potential to gather insights that can drive your commercial or operational decisions. Or to support the reporting towards your customers. We integrate a BI component that directs you to high-level understanding and allows you to drill down to the level of individual customers, carriers, ports or time periods.

Demurrage & detention

Demurrage & detention is suffering from a lack of timely and correct information. Carriers generally send their invoices late. As a result of our visibility service we have a good view on gate-out and empty gate-in moves, allowing us to monitor free time use and report on D+D fees.

Data quality

An essential aspect of our product is the quality of the visibility data during shipment execution. This can be related to a variety of different data but the most obvious is the quality of visibility data during shipment execution. We have automated quality procedures in place and an operational service team addresses quality issues and translates them into further automated improvements (new business rules for data analysis etc.). A process that has been ongoing for several years now and has led to a high-quality and scalable service. Based on this we provide a service level agreement (SLA) that includes KPIs for data quality - completeness, timeliness and accuracy.


One single window for all your world-wide shipments

Operational Efficiency

No manual work to be done, no devices to be handled


Consolidation of multiple data sources gives you Early Accurate Complete Data

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