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Bulkchain - Terminal Delivery

About Bulkchain

Bulkchain is a collaborative platform built on NxtPort technology, dedicated to build the Breakbulk port of the Future. Originally founded in the heart of the Antwerp Breakbulk community, the platform allows participants to work together on the administrative processes to ship breakbulk cargo. By sharing data on shipments early in the supply chain, efficiency of the entire process increases, reducing time spent and administration efforts. In the end, all parties involved benefit from working together through the NxtPort platform.

Involved stakeholders:

  • Forwarders
  • Terminals
  • Shippers / agents
  • Customs
  • Transport operators
  • Consignee and consignor
  • Surveyors
  • Port authorities
  • ...

Agile project approach

By following the Agile project approach, a core team existing of NxtPort and members from the community worked on the functional analysis of the different modules. This method of working together allows an active build-up of the application with the specific needs of the community. Once a new module is ready, user feedback helps to improve the solution with every new release.

With bi-weekly "sprints" and feedback loops, we strive to bring small parts of the solution bit by bit, focussing on added value for active stakeholders, stable (yet quick) deliverables and proactive (re)design.

The following modules were identified when the project initiated:

Screen Shot 20180907 at 144658


The following list of companies represents the collaboration of the community during the several co-envisions that were organised to build the foundation of the Bulkchain use case.



One central API gives access to all connected participants


Reduce time spent and administration for repetitive tasks

Quality Assurance

Avoid human errors and increase the quality of your data

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