A terminal operator has to notify the Belgian Customs about export containers / vehicles leaving the EU when arriving at the place of exit. As a terminal you can participate to this use case to deliver the necessary info to Customs for all containers that were declared through the eDesk/eBalie.

The 'Arrival at Exit Service' unburdens terminal operators to send each Arrival at Exit of an export container to Customs.
With the 'Arrival at Exit Service' you get a ready to send Charge Report to Customs. Terminal operators only have to be connected to eDesk/eBalie and share their "gate in full" moves on the NxtPort-platform which is mapped to the requested Charge Report format.
As a terminal operator you always will be able to keep track if the Charge Report message is accepted/rejected by Customs Authorities. 


Be compliant with the export control system from terminals and customs authorities on the status of the cargo declared.

Avoid fines

Receive automatic updates on the cargo you've declared.

Operational Efficiency

Unburdens terminals.`

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