An innovative solution for releasing containers in the Port of Antwerp

Certified Pick up


Certified Pick up (CPu) is a neutral, central data platform providing the supply chain with a digital, secure and optimized cargo release and pick-up process in the Port of Antwerp. This is achieved by capturing and enriching container information - originating from different parties - on the Certified Pick up platform, in order to generate an encrypted digital key with which the final carrier can retrieve the container.

Using Certified Pick up, we can assure the right container is assigned to the right carrier. An audit trail is provided to make the entire process also auditable for the competent authorities.

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Certified Pick up pricing info


Discover the pricing mechanisms for all stakeholders.


Increased security

Secured transfer of the right to collect a container via the NxtPort data platform

Standard processes

Certified Pick up simplifies and standardise the administrative processes to release containers


By digitally linking all involved parties, releasing containers is easy and transparent

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