Certified Pick up Releases

Release Notes




Release 6/9/2021


All users

  • Green Light Change notification for subscribed parties

  • Release Right notifications for both Sending as Receiving party (Accept/Decline)

  • Visualizing the Received From in the UI (container overview)

  • Resolved issue with filtering on less than 3 characters (Transfer screen)

  • Resolved issues with date validation on Delete/Update commercial release

  • Mentioning of the Date Last Updated in the UI for the Green Lights

  • Terminal Code as extra column in container overview UI

  • Holding into account the EmptyFullIndicator: when empty container ‘Customs’ light is not applicable

  • Use “Gate In” as Terminal Event in CPu



  • Remove B/L validation in Terminal Pick-up call


Ship Agents

  • New data element on Commercial Release: Empty return reference
  • Visualizing First Release party in the UI




Release 18/11/2021

All users

  • Time-out notification: When your session is expired, you are informed through a pop-up
  • Terminal code is now visible in the UI



  • Driver list: It is possible to save an alfapass number, together with a description (e.g. licence plate, alias,...). When selecting a driver for pick-up, this list can be used.


  • Implement a direct-response variant of the Pickup Validation via API: It is now possible to obtain a synchronous response when requesting information concerning the pick-up of the container (Alfapass/container number validation)
  • Use "Gate In" as Terminal Event in CPu: Previously, only a “discharge” message would trigger the “Terminal discharge” light. This functionality will also set this light to green when CPu has received a “Gate in” message (e.g. in case of transfers between terminals)
  • Use "Load" msgs as Terminal Event in CPu: Until now, only a “Gate out” message would close the CPu release flow. This feature will also finish the CPu process when a “load” message is received.


Ship Agents

  • COREOR DELETE can be used as "Delete Release Right" event



  • Multi action delete is now stable
  • The labels of containers, blocked by customs, are returned correctly
  • Cinvio pairing is disabled when the entity has more roles than transporter
  • Correct notification is sent when updating a container
  • When a party has multiple "roles" that will lead to notifications, they now will only receive one
  • Customs messages are processed correctly (out-of-order-issue)

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