Get visual insights into what other stakeholders have planned on liquid bulk vessels you have to work on, improving planning and reduce lost time.


About Qronoport

Qronoport is a collaborative data sharing platform that makes the “pitstop” of a vessel in a port more efficient by combining data from various sources, including data directly from the stakeholders.

The Qronoport platform combines data from all stakeholders involved in the port call. Having real-time access to planned and realized activity data, gives a single source of truth for all actors working on the vessel.

Why use Qronoport?

This innovative platform enables stakeholders in a port call (tank terminals, surveyors, ship agents, ship operators, cargo owners, …) to digitally share operational information with other stakeholders, thus providing visibility, predictability, and more efficient communication.

  • Reduce waste and idle time
    Avoid demurrage, waiting times or conflicts through improved planning and efficiency.

  • Improve planning
    Plan more efficiently by having all information centralized at your fingertips.

  • Increase predictability
    Increase predictability of port calls and port operations through access to real-time and historical data.

  • Communicate efficiently
    Reduce time spent on phone calls and e-mails with excel files. Optimize communication by using push communication.

Who’s Qronoport for ?

  • Cargo owners
    Cargo owners and charterers can avoid unnecessary demurrage and delays in their supply chains.

  • Ship operators
    Ship operators can use Qronoport to optimize voyages, vessel performance and adapt voyage planning.

  • Terminals
    Terminals can optimize their operational planning and further optimize berth and jetty occupancy.

  • Surveyors
    Surveyors can adapt their planning and operations based on correct and timely data, avoiding last minute planning changes.

  • Ship agents
    Ship agents can optimize their activities by using Qronoport as a central single source of truth for their port calls.

  • Port authorities
    Port authorities can use Qronoport as a way to better predict port activity and enhance general port efficiency.

  • Service provider
    Any service provider involved in a port call will have the latest port call data, and a tool to quickly adapt planning.

  • Not in the list ?
    Please reach out to us, and let’s talk about how we could possibly help you become more efficient.

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Data runs completely through the NxtPort platform. Data provider keeps control over data at all times.


Reduce time spent planning by having all relevant information at hand. Optimize asset & resource utilization.


Decrease port call / vessel turnaround time through optimisation of the process and increased predictability.

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