The Tresco Location API translates latitude & longitude coordinates along European inland waterways to a meaningful, human-readable locations.
Lat 51.297273 / Lon 4.268129 may not ring a bell, but Deurganckdok probably sounds more familiar.

The API is based on the inland waterways maps and covers all European waterways:

  • All inland waterways in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France
  • All inland waterways along the Danube up to the Black Sea
  • The Po in Northern Italy
  • Part of Poland

This API is a direct access API. This means that the data is not under specific sharing control, so it is accessible for anybody who subscribes to the API. If your application requires you to bring your own key to access the API, you can get that key by subscribing to this API.

Steps to take:

  • Subscribe to the API by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ in the ‘Plans & Pricing’ tab
  • Each user needs to register here on the marketplace (click register on the top right)


Translate coordinates to a human-readable location

Improved Efficiency

The most efficient way to communicate a location without showing it on a map.

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