Request the tare weight of any container to meet the SOLAS VGM (method 2) requirements.

VGM: Tare Weight


Since July 1st 2016, every packed container to be loaded on board of a SOLAS ship needs to have its Verified Gross Mass determined. Determining the weight can be done through Method 1 (weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified weighing equipment) or through Method 2 (calculation: container tare weight + weight of the goods; which requires a special permission). When using Method 2 it is crucial for al shippers to have access to the correct tare weight of all shipped containers.

The shipper provides the verified weight to the shipping agent, who passes it on to the carrier (who needs to balance the vessel), and to the terminal (who is not allowed to load the container without the information). Several other parties could also benefit from having the weight in their digital files, e.g. CMR documents.

By calling the VGM Tare Weight API with the correct container number both the tare weight and the container ISO code can be accessed. Our partner for this API claims a 99% coverage of the current global container fleet. The API makes that none of your employees must leave their desk to record the tare weight of a box.

Be compliant

Be compliant with laws & regulations and always provide accurate weight information.

Centralised weight

Single truth for the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) of a container.

Operational efficiencies

Knowing the weight of a container helps organizing the supply chain.


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