Follow your container through the customs process



When a container is selected by customs for inspection, the container's declarant receives a message from Customs to deliver the container for visual inspection at the Border Inspection Post (BIP). Within the VisiGIP application, the user is able to register the container, select a verified transport operator and create a request for transport from the Terminal to the BIP. 

Once the transport operator accepts the mandate for the transport, he agrees upon a delivery at the BIP within the hour (after leaving the terminal). 

VisiGIP allows all related stakeholders to follow up the status of the inspection. The following updates are available: 

  • Terminal-out status, when the driver leaves the terminal
  • BIP-in status, when arriving at the BIP
  • An alert if the window of 1 hour isn't met
  • Scan in, the initiation of the scanproces
  • Scan out, the end of the proces, after the image analysis

VisiGIP can be used as a separate app and is an extension to the CCRM "Green Light" from Customs. It is linked to our Green Lights API and the ImportChain data-hub.

Operational efficiency

Digitise the commitment with the transport company to bring your container to the BIP

Avoid fines

Get notified if your container does not arrive at the BIP in the foreseen time slot

Improved transparancy

Get status updates of your container during inspection

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