Visualise the transport and traffic-aspects on inland waterways



VisuRIS is a single window for inland navigation stakeholders and contains a wide array of services that visualize the transport and traffic-aspects on inland waterways. The goal is to improve efficiency as well as to enhance safety for the operators on board. So far VisuRIS only provides info on De Vlaamse Waterweg nv but the desired end-state is to expand further to national and European level.

The services provided by VisuRIS are based on the PIANC-guidelines (World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure) through which the European Commission obliges its members states to harmonize the inland waterway services at European level. Based on the guidelines four core-technologies were defined that make up VisuRIS.

  • Electronic Reporting International (ERI)
  • Notices to Skippers (NtS)
  • Inland Electronic Navigational Chart (iENC)
  • Vessel Tracking and Tracing (VTT)

RIS streamlines the data exchanges between authorities and users of the waterways. For this reason, a uniform communication standard was developed to make electronic reporting possible (ERI). Once voyage, cargo and vessel related data is received by the (port) authorities this data is exchanged between the different authorities seamlessly without interaction of the skipper.

In addition, RIS has the goal to inform the users of the Belgian waterways as good as possible. VisuRIS makes use of real-time and planned data to inform the users about the status of the waterway network (NtS). Skippers e.g. will be informed of delays or obstacles and are able to calculate an alternate route to reach their destination immediately.

Traffic density is derived from the Inland AIS positions of vessels (VTT) navigating on the network, allowing to identify trends in rush hours and even waiting times. Owners or operators can also decide to share their position information with logistic partners so organization on the shore side can be optimized.


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One central service gives access to multiple core-technologies

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