Check the different release steps of your container in the import process

Green Lights


For an import container to be allowed to leave the terminal, there are several release messages (lights) that need to be provided:

  • Release from Customs (CCRM)
  • Commercial release from the shipping agent
  • Vessel discharge confirmation by the terminal
  • The container may not be blocked by the terminal itself

Hinterland operators arranging the pickup of the container from the terminal have limited view on the status of these different lights. Transports are therefore mostly based on estimates, without the insurance that it is allowed to pickup the container. This means a wasted transport, a delayed container, and in most case a blind search for green lights.

With improved visibility on the status of the container's lights, forwarders and hinterland operators can better plan ahead and optimise their haulage processes. Container pick-ups can be dynamically switched in the planning and planning can be arranged tighter to the discharge moment, leading to shorter dwell times of the container on the terminal. This benefits the terminal and the final customer who receives his goods earlier and has more transparency.


The NxtPort API makes it possible to receive Green Lights though a single channel for all connected terminals, and makes it easy to integrate this information in your operational software. Apart from the central availability of the data, the NxtPort platform can send push updates when new information becomes available and allows companies to consult the container status through the Green Lights web form.


Container pickup closer to the actual discharge moment, bringing the goods faster to the end customer.


One central API gives access to all connected terminals

Operational Excellence

Exchanging operational data and planning will improve the overall process, which benefits every player in the chain.

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