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Nowadays, visibility is a critical competitive asset in the supply chain. The information must flow among the actors. However, the quality of the information is a challenge. The information is disseminated and fragmented in several points of the chain. Finding the most suitable and precise source of information is not an easy task in a global supply chain.

The Ports play an important role in the supply chain acting in the first place as a transportation hub, but also as an information hub. The PCS have been collaborating with the ports providing and enhancing information to their port communities. The PCS are informing about the physical and documentary events that happened in their area. However, the shippers and the logistics operator need to be aware of the events in other ports to obtain visibility of traffic flows “end- to-end”. The PCS interconnectivity can be an instrument to address these challenges in an effective way.

Furthermore, in the EU, a shipping company or agent is obliged to declare information about e.g. security and safety (ISPS declaration) and the crew and passengers on board, to the Maritime Single Window (MSW) of a member state. Exchange of this MSW information between the PCS, can reduce the administrative burden to shipping companies or agents.


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