Join the breakbulk port of the future.


About Bulkchain

Bulkchain is a collaborative platform built on NxtPort technology, dedicated to build the Breakbulk port of the Future. Originally founded in the heart of the Antwerp Breakbulk community, the platform allows participants to work together on the administrative processes to ship breakbulk cargo. By sharing data on shipments early in the supply chain, efficiency of the entire process increases, reducing time spent and administration efforts. In the end, all parties involved benefit from working together through the NxtPort platform.

Involved stakeholders:

  • Forwarders
  • Terminals
  • Shippers / agents
  • Customs
  • Transport operators
  • Consignee and consignor
  • Surveyors
  • Port authorities
  • ...


One central API gives access to all connected participants


Reduce time spent and administration for repetitive tasks

Quality Assurance

Avoid human errors and increase the quality of your data

Built together with
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